John M Hassett, Attorney at Law

John M. Hassett, esq., is an aggressive and prepared criminal defense attorney who provides his clients with a strong advocate when they are brought before the criminal courts. Drawing from his years as a prosecutor and over 30 years experience as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Hassett is committed to delivering vigorous representation to all clients.

    When an individual is arrested and accused of a crime, their freedom, their family, their reputation and employment are all impacted by the pending charges. It is critical to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible so that all questions concerning the criminal process may be answered. The criminal justice system is adversarial. An individual accused of committing a crime needs a competent and aggressive advocate to protect their freedom.

    Mr. Hassett considers each client, and each case, to be unique. A thorough and detailed interview is conducted for each client and case. Legal fees are discussed and quoted for each case and are provided to the client in writing in a Legal Retainer Agreement. All potential criminal penalties including mandatory penalties and legal defenses are explained to the client. If a client is innocent, or has been falsely accused of a crime, an aggressive defense is prepared. If a client is in need of counseling for a situation that has brought them before the court, or if a client has made a mistake, Mr. Hassett is committed to insuring that the client receives the best possible outcome and fair and equitable treatment from the courts.
 Mr. Hassett has successfully defended clients for murder, drug violations, armed robbery, assault, white-collar economic crimes, DUI, handgun and firearm violations and violation of probation. Each case is unique; each client is unique. Contact John M. Hassett, esq. online or call 410-727-8844 for a consultation to discuss your case.